Gun access: a danger to all

People are more likely to use a gun for harm if it is available to them. The easy accessibility of firearms, rather than people themselves, causes rising gun violence.

Think of corruption in government. Politicians are more likely to abuse power because of their position. Their actions are not necessarily malicious. They are presented with an opportunity to benefit themselves, and take it, ignoring the possibility of harmful consequences.

We, as a nation, need to begin viewing the problem in terms of human nature, instead of solely an argument about constitutional rights.

The intention with gun violence is to hurt someone else, which is inherently malicious. However, I am inclined to believe the same principle applies. Many criminals are simply given the tools to carry out the crime, granted a few may have psychological problems. Imagine if someone was very unhappy; they had given up all hope. This sort of crime, if attainable, could seem like their only option.

There are also those who are merely using the ease of access to guns as a way to express anger, or to seek revenge. Because killing someone with a gun is a more disconnected method than using other weapons, the prospect involves less drive. If we increase control and require a more comprehensive evaluation of those looking to purchase firearms, these sorts of criminals could be stopped.

There are two popular approaches to combating gun violence: focusing on the criminals’ desire to harm others, and limiting gun ownership. Many believe increasing gun control violates the Second Amendment. To me, ensuring the safety of Americans from gun violence warrants any violation.

Both of these courses depend, very seriously, on human nature. If we try to eliminate the psychological problems that cause people to become violent, we assume that any solution proposed will prompt a positive response. By increasing gun control, politicians assume that the element of illegality will sway most perpetrators. It is impossible to accurately predict the actions of human beings, which is a real flaw in the system.

The addition of more gun control would question the culture of the United States. Throughout our history, citizens have viewed firearms as victorious and patriotic. This same mentality does not exist in many other countries; it is almost exclusive to the United States.

Gun ownership is a big part of American culture. However, there is still room to attempt to alter the mindset around gun control. Instead of fighting against new ideas about control, those in support of gun ownership should help create comprehensive regulations that uphold the pride of this culture.

Very few people would argue that gun violence should not be addressed. Only when we begin thinking about the issue differently, will we be able to apply a strong, successful solution.

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  1. The authors is pointing in a interesting direction. So a individual with a weapon available that has the intent to cause harm enters campus. If you look it up are gun policy on campus is exactly that of RCW 9.41.270 Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harm _ Unlawful carrying of handling. This law is in effect inside and outside of campus. We are adults that have a right to carry a firearm safely only for protecting. But for those who do not carry safely, and have the intent of bodily harm fall under the current code. That is why it is put in place.
    Making a gun free zone will not fix any of this. Because that same individual will still unlawfully care with the intent of bodily harm. Yet those of us who do carry safely under the law will not carry in a gun free zone and are at the full force of power that that individual carts in his hands, that’s not counting those who do not own and carry firearms.

    We need to Remember those who want to hurt others will use what they have if that happens to be a gun they will walk on campus with it, a drunk driver is already breaking the law he doesn’t need to read the road signs. Neither will a bad guy with a gun. Yet those who want to protect themselves and others will read the road signs and that may lead them to be unarmed.

  2. Teal,

    I can see from your profile, you’re very young and clearly unexperienced concerned firearms. No offense, but you’re not even old enough to own a firearm, let alone speak with any authority about them. Your viewpoint is extremely naive.

    I was also very offended by the photo you chose with a child in the background. Your article didn’t address limiting children’s access to guns or preventing the accidental discharge of guns in the home, so choosing such an inflammatory photo seems calculated and unnecessary.

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion – as uninformed as it is – but your comment that “ensuring the safety of Americans from gun violence warrants any violation” of people’s rights is just plain wrong. The only reason you don’t care about other people’s Constitutional rights is because no one’s proposed taking one away that you care about yet. Just wait until someone proposes violating your rights over something you do care about – you’ll change your tune then.

    I hope that, when you get a little older and have more life experience, you’ll see how wrong you are. I doubt you’ll listen to any reason right now. But I want you to know that there are people out there who do have experience safely and legally using and carrying firearms who don’t appreciate your willingness to throw us all under the bus because you believe that it will someone make the world safer.

    In every single location that they’ve banned citizens’ rights to carry guns, violence has only increased and the citizens aren’t even able to defend themselves. There are rape gangs roaming England hurting people right now because the gangs know that the citizenry can’t fight back. And this is what you want for America? For Washington State? No thank you.

  3. The biggest threat to anyone is those who obtain guns illegally; buying a gun isn’t easy. There is a lot of checks you must go through. Maybe you should research this yourself.
    Most other countries in their world have huge gun issues that pale ours in comparison. Most third world countries go through wars between their government and rebels, ether side blazing assault rifles not caring whom they shoot. We don’t hear much about it in America because it doesn’t really effect us and not a good local topic. Drug lords in other countries have armies and arms that could make our Washington National Guard blush.
    Russia most citizens have firearms at home.
    A lot of people move to America because its safer and more job opportunities than where they came from. We have also evolved a lot from the past, such as when Black Panthers walked around carrying assault rifles trying to intimidate people that did not side with their beliefs. You don’t see those kind of protests anymore.
    The laws are pretty strict but its up to the people themselves to be responsible, the government can’t hold our hand and tell us what is common sense. That type of stuff should come from the parents and educators of our community.
    Gun control is a tender issue yes.. but focusing on it only because a few crazy people some how got their hands on them shouldn’t be the reason why these issues pop up.
    If they don’t have access to guns their is plenty of other things they could use. Improvised explosives, swords, bows/crossbows, blunt weapons, chemicals, etc which are all easier to come by.
    That’s my Opinion.

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