Fall letter from The Sounds Editor

 It’s time to face fall once again. Perhaps you’re a returning student back to carve out more credits from your degree or maybe you’re a brand new student to this college that I call my second home.

I have been walking across SPSCC from the 20 buildings all the way to the 30s since my junior year of high school. This year marks my fourth at SPS. Though this may not be something to gloat about I do feel as if I know this college more than many students here.

One of my very first classes took place in what used to be the oldest building on campus, home of the legendary ghost, the Lady in White, and what many of you have come to know as the construction zone, Building 22.

Prior to last year I quickly rushed from class to class through smoke clouds and Building 22. But alas, times have changed and we are now a smoke-free, tower clock free, and supposedly ghost free campus.

Winter of 2011, my senior year of high school, I started writing for The Sounds, a job that has morphed into two years of steering this student newspaper over bumps, around corners, and occasionally running into head on collisions.

My editorship began with a crash and burn after working close to 24 hours straight on layout and just minutes away from sending mine and my layout editor’s first dismantled masterpiece to press, our software crashed on us…it was a cruel dark day in the newsroom.

But I’ve recovered since then and I’m stronger than ever (metaphorically speaking of course)! If you want some advice from a super-super community college “senior”, get involved, although, you might be tempted to stay.

One of the most frustrating things about being part of a community college is the lack of student involvement. Many students just come to campus for their classes and leave immediately after.

Each and every one of us come from a wide range of pasts and presents: from meeting 70 year old newspaper applicants to 16 year old ones, student moms to high school dropouts, international students and adults looking for a second chance. It’s with that type of community in which people tend to learn the most, by meeting people from different backgrounds. We’re here to get educated, so what better way than to educate each other?

Your student newspaper, The Sounds, is dedicated to teaching you about our campus, our students, our staff, and faculty. The ups and downs with tuition and budget, the wild events that take place such as having rapper KRS-One discuss the meaning of hip-hop and welcoming Annie Sprinkle, a porn star with a Ph.D. to our campus to talk about her unique life and to perform a bosom ballet!

Students, staff, and faculty thank you for being so different and giving our paper something to write about!

Please feel free to write about any concerns or comments you have about The Sounds, SPSCC, your classes, our community, or writings you’d like to submit and have a chance to print in our newspaper.