Cannabis Slang Terminology

Bud – A reference to the part of the cannabis plant that is smoked, its buds. Often used as a general term for cannabis.

Chronic – Originally referring to a specific strain of cannabis, this term is more more common in reference to cannabis in general. A reference to the medical term chronic, meaning persistent or long lasting.

Dank – Commonly used as an adjective to describe particularly potent cannabis, it can sometimes be used as a noun as well.

Ganja – The Sanskrit, an ancient Indic language of India, word for cannabis.

Herb – A term for cannabis based both on its herbal nature as well as its history of usage as a form of medicine.

Kush – Originally referring to a strain of cannabis from the Hindu-Kush Mountains, it is now more commonly used to refer to cannabis in general.

Marijuana – Although its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, Marijuana first appeared as a term used by Mexican immigrants in the early 1900s. This term began to refer to the cannabis imported from Mexico, before eventually becoming common use to refer to cannabis in general. Some speculate that the term was used to make cannabis seem foreign and dangerous.

Mary Jane – The literal translation of the word marijuana from Spanish to English (Mari – Mary, Juana – Jane).

Mota – Latin American slang for cannabis. Literally means speck.

Pot – Possibly originating from the Spanish term “potacion de guaya” or “drink of grief” which is thought to refer to a drink made with steeped cannabis buds.

Reefer – Originating in Harlem in the 1920s to refer to a cannabis cigarette, it now refers to cannabis in general.

Schwag – A term for low quality cannabis, referencing the acronym SWAG (Stuff We All Get) which refers to promotional items distributed for free by companies.

Skunk – A term with various contextual meanings, originally referring to a cross between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, it can now refer to especially potent or smelly cannabis as well.

Sticky Icky – A term for high grade cannabis, referencing how cannabis high in THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol content often has so many THC crystals that it leaves a user’s fingers sticky after handling.

Trees – A discreet term for cannabis, referring to its nature as a plant.

Wacky Tabacky – An archaic term originally comparing cannabis cigarettes to tobacco. Has gained some general usage over the years in referring to cannabis in general.

Weed – A term originating in cannabis’ ability to grow under most conditions, just like many common weeds. Originating as “the evil weed.”