Vice President of Operations and Planning Effectiveness retiring

After nine years at SPSCC, Vice President of Operations and Planning Effectiveness Nancy McKinney is retiring. Her last day in the position will be June 30.

Originally hired as Vice President of Administrative Services, McKinney’s role at the college soon expanded. “I’ve always been interested in different things,” said McKinney, “I got involved with different things and along the way I just picked up more responsibilities.”

As Vice President of Operations and Planning Effectiveness, McKinney plans more effective ways that the college could reach its goals and allocate resources for those goals, said McKinney.

When she leaves, McKinney’s position will revert back to the original title of Vice President of Administrative Services. Her replacement will have to oversee buildings and grounds, security, budgeting, and financial services.

The college has not found a replacement and is still in the application process. However, it hopes to find a replacement sometime before McKinney leaves in order to allow for some overlap.

“It will be difficult to find a replacement that can fulfill all of Nancy’s duties as well as she can, short of cloning her,” said College President Timothy Stokes, Ph. D., during a board of trustees meeting, “Over the years, she has just taken on so much.”

Though McKinney did not plan to get involved in education, she feels she found the right career because she loves planning and interacting with students. “After a stressful day, it is nice to have conversations with students because it reminds me of why I’m doing what I am doing,” she said.

McKinney began her career in higher education at Evergreen State College where she worked for 12 years before getting her master’s degree. She then transferred to Gray’s Harbor College, where her father was a board of trustee.

After six years at Gray’s Harbor College, she became Vice President of Administrative Services at SPSCC. “There are similarities and differences, but it’s important to learn each institution’s culture and issues,” said McKinney. “It’s really about figuring out how to improve the weaknesses and maintain the strengths.”

Throughout the years, McKinney believes SPSCC has gotten better at working collaboratively towards its goals. “I have made a lot of good friends, so I’ll miss people,” said McKinney who admitted she hasn’t done much reflection as she is keeping her head down and focusing on her current work.

McKinney estimated that throughout her career, she has been involved with 14 projects among all of the colleges she has worked. “I have really enjoyed it, I can walk over each of the campuses and see what I was a part of,” said McKinney.

“I’m ready to slow down for a few years and see where my path takes me,” said McKinney. She said she hasn’t exactly figured out the next stage of her life: “I’m looking forward to a lot, but I am still going to miss the campus.”