The Center for Student Success is now open

Building 22, named the “Center for Student Success”, opened its doors for students Dec. 16.

Nancy McKinney, SPSCC vice president of planning, effectiveness, and operations, said substantial completion of the building was done a month ago. Finishing touches are still taking place, and moving furniture and setting up computers will continue to be time consuming.

Building 25 started moving into the new building on Dec. 11. All student services from Building 25 will now be located on the second floor of Building 22.

McKinney said the library will most likely remain empty for a couple years. With limited money for renovations, McKinney said the college wants to be smart with their money as they figure out what to do with the old library building. Some ideas for the now vacant Building 28 are an open student lab, similar to the one in Building 34, an adjunct faculty suite, or more classrooms, said McKinney.

Facility master plans for remodeling Building 22 started six years ago, said McKinney, the idea came about after a professional survey was taken where the school learned many students found the SPSCC campus hard to navigate.

McKinney said she is “really excited about the vision of a one-stop student services.” That is the focus in the new Building 22 and it should really help students, she said.

The Center for Student Success is in the middle of the campus and has just about everything students could need in this one building. The library and media center are on the first floor with many more computers, said McKinney. The floor plan is very open with lots of space for students to spend time together and relax.

Enrollment, financial aid, career services, and the advising offices located on the second floor will provide a one-stop student services. McKinney said Rhonda Coats, vice president of student services, has been training with staff for about four months to prepare for the new one-stop student services system.

Several other students services are moving around from other buildings as well. The Diversity and Equity Center will move to the second floor of the new building from their old location in the Student Union Building, Building 27. Moving from the portables, Counseling Services will now be on the second floor of Building 22. The IT Tech Support will now move into the first floor of Building 25.

McKinney said that it typically takes six months to one year to get settled after a move-in. She asks students to have patience with faculty and staff as they become situated in the new building and with the new systems being implemented in the Center for Student Success.