Student services offered at college to aid students

SPSCC provides a wide variety of student services. Counseling, career and general advising services, along with several tutoring centers, are available for student use.

The Counseling Center is currently located in Modular 2. It offers free personal, academic, and career counseling to current students. “We’ve been kind of hidden over here in this modular for a couple years now and I think there’s a lot of students that don’t know about us,” said Counselor Colleen Clukey, “We encourage students to use us because it’s a good resource.”

Students can either drop in or schedule an appointment. The Counseling Center is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Counselors are also available by phone or email.

The Career Center is located in Building 25. They assist students with how to do interviews and write resumes, and can work with students on internships and job shadowing. One of their programs is the Cooperative Work Experience Program which allows students to earn credits through work experience in an internship. To be eligible for the program, a student must have completed a minimum of 10 credits in their program of study and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

“We’d like to work with students at least the quarter before to get things all set up so that by the time they’re enrolling for their classes they have everything in place,” said Murrow, Cooperative Work Experience Program Coordinator. To learn more about the program or to enroll, contact Murrow at

The Advising Center aids students with both degree and transfer planning, and with new student registration. They provide appointment and walk-in advising in Building 25, and their registration labs are located in Room 201 of Building 23. To know which days appointments, walk-in advising, or registration labs are available, check the advising calendar at

If a student needs help with any of their classes, they can visit one of the tutoring centers which specializes in either computing, accounting, writing, math or science.

The Computing Center is located in Rooms 102, 103, and 105 of Building 34 and contains 60 computers equipped with software including Microsoft Office, MOSS, and CIS programming.

The Accounting Center is located in Room 133 of Building 34 and provides both a place to study and to get tutoring from accounting majors. The tutors can provide tutorials for different problems. They also have answer booklets to help students work through problems backwards to present a different perspective.

The Writing Center is currently located in the Library, Building 28. They can help students with any form of writing, such as assignments for school, scholarship essays, and resumes. “We have regulars that come in here and they know us, they feel comfortable with us,” said Writing Center Tutor Jessyka Williams, “I think it’s definitely become a family back here with a lot of the students.”

The Math Center is located in Room 103 of Building 32. They provide tutoring for all levels of math, ranging from elementary math to multivariable calculus, and some physics and chemistry. “We’d like to encourage more people to come because there’s no point in struggling with math on your own,” said Saiyed Rony, Math Center tutor.

The Science Center is located in Room 310 of Building 35 and specializes in chemistry, physics, and biology. “It’s really all about the students. The more resources students have to study together to get help and clarification when they need it, the better,” said Danny Crews, Science Center tutor.

Visit the tutoring websites for more information about the centers and their hours:
Computing Center:
Accounting Center:
Writing Center:
Math Center:
Science Center: