Student senate position open during term

The Associated Student Body (ASB) senator for administrative affairs position opened as the student senators resign and move around to fill open vacancies.

Interviews for the position were held on Feb. 21, and shortly after Morokoth Son was announced as the new senator for administrative affairs.

Along with 11 other applicants, Son said she applied for this job hoping it would be a good first step in getting more involved in the campus community. I’m excited to learn more about how the student senate works, she said.

Son had secretary experience from high school activities and from the college’s Pacific Islanders Club.

This was Son’s first year attending SPSCC, and she said she plans to apply for the administrative affairs position next year as well.

Yva Nyhammer previously held this position where she said she had learned a lot from it.  The position is a really great way to get your foot in the door as far as student activities, and a great place to start if you’re looking to get more involved with the campus, she said.

The ASB senator for administrative affairs is responsible for communicating with other senators to create thorough agendas for each meeting. This job also requires comprehensive note-taking skills for each meeting.  For the several months she held this position, Nyhammer said she saw her writing and time management skills improve significantly.

With that job she also had the opportunity to help a lot of other senate members with their tasks, and she said it allowed her to learn a little bit of everything.

Nyhammer has left this position, to fill the ASB senator for public relations position.

Nyhammer said  a lot of skills she learned from the  administrator affairs position has helped with her new job in public relations.

As the only one that volunteered for this opening, Nyhammer said she wanted to become more involved in the senate. Now she is pitching her own creative ideas to the rest of her senate team.

The public relations job has given Nyhammer a lot of room to grow and become more connected with the school. In my administrative affairs job I was able to develop the skills and confidence that now make me want to push my own boundaries with new challenges, explained Nyhammer.

The ASB senator for public relations is responsible for all press releases that inform the college about the student senate. They must pay attention to what students are interested in, and come up with ideas of different programs the student senate can host.

Nyhammer received training from Crystal Imankhan, who was the original senator for public relations.

“Resigning from my position was not something that I ever thought I would be doing because of how much I enjoyed my job…But as my life’s circumstances changed, changes were made,” said Imankhan.

Although she said personal family reasons lead her to resign, Imankhan is still participating in school activities and volunteers to help out when she can.

Until positions are completely filled for the student senate, both Nyhammer and Imankhan have been helping with their old jobs to ease in the workload for the next person, while they also try to transition into their new roles.