Strategic planning engagement sessions

Throughout fall quarter 2013, the Strategic Planning Task Force hosted about 25 Engagement Sessions around campus. The sessions were designed to gather input from students, staff, faculty and community members for the college’s Strategic Plan.

Because the current Strategic Plan expires in 2013, the Strategic Planning Task Force was created to “re-envision the college’s mission, aligning our goals and resources,” said Co-Chair members of the Task Force. The Task Force is composed of faculty and administrative staff members.

Working as a team, the Task Force gathers data to construct a Mission, Vision, and Core Themes for SPSCC based on that research. Specific goals for the college are then developed to fit the predetermined themes.

These themes will guide SPSCC’s annual operational plans and resource investments through 2014-2017, said President Timothy Stokes.

The Engagement Sessions are a new addition to the process this year. The sessions act as part of the data-gathering phase of the process, said Co-Chair members. Stokes played an active role in the decision to include these type of engagement sessions. In the past, Stokes worked with a similar process at three other institutions and believes that “getting insights, hopes, and dreams of all members of the college community is critical to our future success.”

According to Co-Chair members, “The sessions provide a channel for students, faculty and staff, and our community to voice their opinions regarding several key areas of institutional effectiveness.”

All members of the college community, students, faculty and staff, and higher education partners were invited to the sessions. The inclusion of all members of the college community was “because higher education is somewhat different than other organizations in that we believe in shared input and the power of collective thinking,” said Stokes.

Over 200 participants have been involved in the Engagement Sessions. The Task Force also used an online blog to allow those unable to attend a session to share their ideas.

The final Strategic Plan will be complete by July 2014.

Comprehensive notes from the Engagement Sessions are availabe online on the Task Force’s blog: