SPSCC Ranked Top 150 Community Colleges

     South Puget Sound Community College is pleased to announce The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program ranked South Puget Sound Community College as one of the nation’s top 150 community colleges.  The college is will now be eligible for the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence;, which includes a $1 million donation.

     The prize is awarded to a community college every 2 years.  It is the nation’s signature recognition for achievement and performance, and is based on four categories, student learning, certificate and degree completion, employment and earnings, and high levels of access and success for minority and low-income students.

     2015 SPSCC’s 3-year graduation rate for students is 7% higher than the national average; a figure which is expected to rise even further. Community college’s as a whole provide an exemplary opportunity to million Americans by offering flexible schedules and affordable programs and classes. The college’s affordability has benefited many Olympians, but now the focus is on graduation rates, and ensuring successful transfer towards higher education. The Aspen Prize is a key badge of honor which will only motivate SPSCC to further advance their metrics and continue to set an example for community colleges around the state.

     The Aspen Institute is an international nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank founded in 1950.  The mission statement is, “Fostering enlightened leadership, the appreciation of timeless ideas and values, and open-minded dialogue on contemporary issues.”  The institute is based in Washington D.C. and partners with a number of various corporations and nonprofit foundations.

     The Aspen Institute reviewed all 1108 community colleges in The United States.  This is the first time SPSCC has made it to the top 150.  In order to be eligible for the $1 million dollar prize, however, SPSCC will submit an update on how they will improve student success on campus.

     SPSCC continues to play a prominent role as a community leader to further student success and stimulate innovation.