S&A fee increase keeps student bus pass

Free bus rides for SPSCC students will continue for the 2013-2014 school year. Last year’s student senate voted to increase the Service and Activities fee to cover the rise in bus fare.

When Intercity Transit raised its fare last year, students were in danger of losing the ability to ride the bus for free with their student identification.

The per-credit tuition fee of $1.14, which covers bus fare and other services, needed to be raised 17 cents to $1.31 to cover the rise in bus fare. This fee increase required a majority vote from full-time students last spring. However, the minimum vote count of 10 percent of voters was not reached.

The student senate then voted to cover the per-credit tuition fee with an increase in the quarterly Service and Activities (S&A) fee students pay with tuition.

The senate also increased the fee additionally to raise more money for senate use the following year. In all, the fee increased to $10.58 by about three dollars.

S&A fees pay for student services, athletics and clubs, among other services on campus.

Raising S&A fees is cheaper than having students buy individual monthly passes through Intercity Transit, said David Rector, dean of student life.

The college would have a low retention rate without the bus pass, because many students would have trouble getting to and from campus, said Lorraine Guzman, student body president.

Guzman said the bus system is crucial for making the school accessible for people with disabilities.

“If you live farther out, gas is going to start getting expensive. The bus may take longer, but it saves you money,” said Pat Riley, SPSCC student.