Peer tutoring helps students get ahead in math, science

One of a number of peer tutoring services offered at South Puget Sound Community College in carious subjects, the Math Center in Room 103, Building 32 is a place where students can come in to collaborate on their math work.

According to student and tutor Daniel Crews, the peer tutors are there a lot of the time doing their own math work. They are there to help anybody who comes in, because they enjoy it so much, he said.

Crews said, “I thik the Math Center is probably the best thing that ever happened to this community college”

Crews said, ” This place is like a gym, except instead of lifting weights, we are exercising our minds.”

The center’s goal is to make sure that anyone who wants help can get help.

According to peer tutor Mathew Helm, “The Math Center is an invaluable part of SPSCC, because the number of students who have progressed in their understanding of math has grown.”

Helm said he believes students are better able to pass their classes because of the center, and to not be held back in the rest of their education because they have problems in math.

Student Aleise Floyd said, “The Math Center gives me more confidence in the class. It helps my learning a lot.”

Floyd said the tutors teach students in different ways, to help find the way that best suits heach student, whereas classes usually teach one way.

“Environment is not as rigid; learning from peer is more comfortable,” said Floyd, “You also don’t get the feeling of being judged.”

Another student, Samantha Lehnerd, said is not afraid to ask questions at the center.

Lehnerd said she can talk to people about issues outside of math, and she can bridge the gap between student’s different majors.

“Since I found the Math Center, I want to tell everyone about it,” Floyd said. She said she talks about it all the time.

Lehnerd is a returning college student, and she said the center helped her catch up on the math she needs for her degree.

Floyd said that, before the center, she wanted to give up in class. “the Math Center helped me not want to shut down in class,” she said, “the
math Center helps when class is a little foggy. ”

Floyd and Lehnerd visit the center one to three times per week.

Crews said the tutors spend about 10 to 15 hours a week in the center doing their own math and helping others.

The Writing Center also offers peer tutoring and is located in the college library, Building 28. Lehnerd said the Writing Center helps a lot too.

Floyd said of her tutor, “She helped me calm my fears about their criticism. ”

Some students who don’t have time to come to the writing center use an online system called eTutoring located on the college website. This program allows students to submit their essays and someone can comment on it within 24 to 48 hours.

Recently, the Science Tutoring Center opened in Room 310, Building 35 with the same goal in mind as the Math Center.

Crews also works at the Science Tutoring Center. He said it is still gaining public notice, but it will be just as great. According to crews, there will also be a Peer Tutoring Center going the under-construction Building 22. This center will be used for many subjects and has the same