New quarter may bring faster internet

Over winter break the Wi-Fi at South Puget Sound will be revised in order to accommodate a greater majority of internet users.

“The Wi-Fi is constantly having problems, and makes it almost impossible to get a substantial amount of work done online. I’ve spent up to 30 minutes trying to get it to work but gave up after that,” said student Farzana Mohamedali.

The new Wi-Fi system will feature four different levels of service for internet access. The first level will be for guests on campus and will not require any login or password to use the Wi-Fi. The second level will be for the student population and will require logging in before using the Wi-Fi. The third level will be for administrative purposes and the fourth will be for special locations that need a greater bandwidth like the library.

The Wi-Fi revisions are paid for by the students technology fee. For students taking more than 10 credits per quarter, the technology fee is $35.00. The money is also used to support the Office 365 accounts and make it so course material can be viewed on multiple devices.

The hope is that even guests on the open Wi-Fi will see faster internet than they were able to use during the Fall quarter. Being able to do homework on a personal computer frees up computers in the school library for those who do not have access to the internet on their own.