New diversity outreach position in Student Life

SPSCC Office of Student Life created the Diversity Outreach Coordinator position in the Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.) for the 2013-14 academic year. Last year’s Associated Student Body Senator of Legislative Affairs Kayla Perez was chosen for the position.

“We are hoping that we will benefit by having one person whose specific duty is to create outreach opportunities to some of our underrepresented communities. We have a lot of wonderful clubs, but we want to have as many opportunities as possible to support students’ various identities and their pride and empowerment in their identities,” said Eileen Yoshina, director of diversity and equity.

The coordinator will be in charge of the smaller events meant to support and inspire members of a particular group. This person will also be in charge of the larger events to bring awareness to the students on campus.

“We are always looking for more specific and intentional ways to affirm students’ identities, build community and cultivate leadership among our diverse student population,” said Yoshina.

“This will help encourage students from other underrepresented groups to become more engaged and to consider leadership opportunities on campus,” she said.

There should be an events calendar by the end of the month, said Perez.