New club offers outlet for writers

The Writers’ Circle is a new SPSCC club open to students who would like to meet with others to develop their writing skills. Though there was a writers’ club last year, the Writers’ Circle distinguishes itself
by planning several projects and doing workshops.

“I think the main difference is this club is really focused on wanting to have some kind of end product. We’re all working towards a goal together,” said Sarah Tavis, one of the club’s three advisers, “Last year, it was more ideas of writing prompts and doing workshops, but this is sort of the next incarnation.”

The campus literary community did not have an outlet to come together and hone their craft, said Spencer Kelty, club president.

“It’s a club for anyone who likes to write,” said Joel Melzer, club member, “We really just like to have fun while we learn from each other.”

The Writers’ Circle is currently working on anonymous letters of encouragement to spread around campus. The letters should start to appear toward the end of the fall quarter, addressed to anyone who finds them.

“What we’re really trying to do with the letters is start a movement of support around campus,” said Kelty.

The club is also working on a quarterly zine. The zine will be a low-budget, student-submitted publication put together by the members of the group each quarter, differing from the Percival Review’s editorial process of student submissions.

The first issue “Metaphysical Ink” will come out in the beginning of the winter quarter.

Though the club is recruiting student writers, they are also looking
for artists for illustrations.

Students wanting to submit to “Metaphysical Ink” must attend at least two club meetings and submit before Nov. 21.

The meetings take place at 3:30 p.m. every Thursday in Room 119 of the Student Union Building, Building 27.