Native American Art Exhibit on display now

The Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts moved its annual Native American Art Exhibit in the Art Gallery from April to November to coincide with Native American Heritage Month. The gallery is open on weekdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and the Native American Art Exhibit will be available through Dec. 5.

This year, most of the displayed pieces in the gallery come from local artists. The pieces include wool weavings, woven basketry, beadwork, and other various items.

According to Exhibit Curator Mandy McCullough, it’s important to display Native American art because there are so many artists out there that learned the traditional ways of creating art and are using skills that have been passed down to them. The art exhibit shows people that there are native artists still around today that are doing the old techniques as well as creating new styles and new techniques of their own, she said.

“When I was making the arrows, I got a deeper appreciation for how my ancestors created arrows,” said Arnold, “When they created arrows they used rock, obsidian, and antler for chipping and shaping whereas I had my dremel tool.”

The next exhibit will be the Fine Art Postcard Exhibit which is open to entries from artists of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The entry fee is $5 and an artist may submit up to five postcardsized original artworks related to the theme: “It’s the Water.” The submission deadline is Nov. 30, and the accepted postcards will be on display from Jan. 13 to Feb. 21, 2014 and sold by auction to support the gallery.