National Chemistry Week comes to SPSCC

Energy and sustainability is the theme for this year’s National Chemistry Week, Oct. 22 through Oct. 26 at SPSCC.

“Chemistry Week is a good way to show that there are a lot of aspects to chemistry that actually are quite entertaining and fun,” said James Chen, chemistry professor.

Student contests and activities will include poster, haiku and mole contests.

For the poster contest, students can either create a physical or digital poster which they can submit to the Office of Student Life or email to Gloria Bubemyre at

Contest rules can be found on flyers around campus or at

The prizes are $50, $100 and $250 gift cards to the SPSCC Bookstore for third, second and first place.

The poster submission deadline is Oct. 22. All entries will then be displayed in Building 35 where students can vote for their favorite by ballot.

The haiku contest will be judged by a small committee including Chen, a Writing Center tutor and a Student Life member.

“We’ll judge the poems based on the style of the poem as well as the content as far as whether it conforms to the theme for the week,” said Chen.

Haikus are to be submitted to the Office of Student Life via email: The haiku submission deadline is Oct. 26.

The prizes include a $50 gift card to Westfield Mall, a $25 gift card to the Bookstore, and a $10 gift card to Cinemark Cinemas.

The mole contest will be held on Oct. 23 in the commons of the Student Union Building, Building 27. There will be a container with something in it, and students will have to guess how many moles it is.

“Moles are basically a quantity, sort of like a dozen,” said Chen. The student with the closest guess will win a $50 gift card to the Bookstore.

Students will have to submit their names and student ID numbers along with their entry. Winners will be contacted by either phone or email and can pick up their prizes at the Office of Student Life.

Contests are not the only thing students can be involved in during Chemistry Week. A variety of activities will be held throughout the week.

“Usually, on the Friday of that week, we’ll do a Coke and Mentos thing outside the science building, and get some students involved and actually participate in it,” said Chen