Pot, gay marriage approved by voters

Students and staff at South Puget Sound Community College had many different reactions to the results of the election.

President Obama won 332 electoral college votes; he only needed 270 in order to win the presidency.

Student Miracle Negron was not surprised the presidential election outcome and said she was glad Romney lost, but she’s not happy with Obama, either.

Student Killian Brastow said, “I’m not overly surprised. Now, the hard part for me was finding unbiased results.”

Student Jordan LaCourse was also not surprised and was very happy about President Obama winning his second term.

In state elections, the gubernatorial race was too close to call at press time but Inslee held a 50,000-vote lead.

Referendum 74 and Initiative 502 (I-502) were hot topics among students.

Ref. 74, which allows same-sex marriage, which was also approved.

I-502 legalizes small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and it also was approved.

Student Matt Macy was against both Referendum 74 and I-502 but said that neither measure affected him directly, so he wasn’t too upset by the results.

Macy said he was interested to see how I-502 plays out, since marijuana is still illegal in federal law.

LaCourse was enthusiastic about Referendum 74. “It took way too long to pass this!” she said.

Student Tia Maggard was excited that Referendum 74 passed. “Many of my friends will now be able to get married,” she said.

Brastow was also thrilled about Referendum 74 passing.

Negron was glad Referendum 74 passed and not surprised that it did, but expressed her concern for I-502. According to Negron, more DUI’s will occur because of the new DUI law that was a part of I-502. Maggard was not a fan of I-502, either.

“It will fuel the economy, though, but I think the law will be abused,” Negron said.

Although LaCourse is pro-legalization, she thought that I-502 was written poorly and did not support it.

Professor Peter Rex did not think there were a lot of surprises in this year’s election. He said since the public opinion polls are done so well now, it’s easy to predict the winners. He also said how oftentimes, you can predict who wins by the amount of money spent on the campaign. For example, the public power proposition failed; those opposed to this proposition spent a significant amount more than those in support of it.

Rex found it interesting how things can change during an election and said, “Republicans are going to be facing some challenges, but they do still control the House.”

SPSCC Librarian Scott Stilson was very satisfied with the election’s results so far. “It looks like Referendum 74 is going to make it,” Stilson said. Stilson also said the Tea Partiers have gotten “reigned in” this year. He gave the example of how in the Indiana primaries, Republican Senator Dick Lugar was defeated by a Tea Party candidate in the primaries, who then lost to the Democratic candidate. “This [election] is a good correction to 2010,” Stilson said.

Stilson was also in support of I-502. He said that it’s the best way to shut down the drug cartels, especially if we were to eventually legalize it nationally.

Stilson said, “Politics is like making sausage: it’s messy and chaotic, and a lot of nasty things go into it.”