Ideals clash: Presidential Debate overview

First Presidential Debate: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

The first presidential debate focused on two issues: the economy and health care.

Obama intends to invest in education and specified training programs designed to provide a workforce for the jobs being created.

Romney intends to use a five part plan consisting of energy independence, an increase in trade, job training, a balanced budget and supporting small businesses. Romney also plans to eliminate Obamacare and give individual states more power in order to reduce the deficit.

Obama means to require additional taxes from a quarter of a million income households in proportion to the amount of spending cuts.

Both candidates support Medicare with different adjustments. Obama will save money overall by supporting preventative care with his new healthcare plan. Obamacare also limits the power of insurance companies to impose lifetime limits or to deny coverage for citizens with pre-existing conditions. The plan also provides states with the funding necessary to add more low-income families to Medicaid.

Romney proposes a plan that gives seniors a choice between private insurance or Medicare that would allow young people to remain a part of their parents’ plan. Additionally, it would create incentives for insurance companies to lower costs.

The final issue discussed in the debate was the role of the federal government. According to Obama, the federal government should support more comprehensive educational systems, including technical training and direct lending to students. Romney agreed with these ideals, adding that the responsibility of the government is to protect the rights of the people to make individual choices.

Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan

The first question of this debate involved the recent issues in Libya. In response to this topic, Biden explained that the Obama Administration is currently, and will continue, investigating the attacks. Ryan insisted that Obama failed to initiate the appropriate action and ultimately failed to inform the public truthfully about the causes of the attacks. When asked about Obama’s decisions regarding Iran’s nuclear advances, Ryan expressed his tickets’ concerns of a previous lack in preventative efforts.

Economic plans were then discussed. Ryan explained that Romney’s plan focuses on lowering tax rates for everyone. Biden countered his proposal by suggesting a plan lowering taxes for the working classes, and alternately raising tax rates for those citizens whose annual income total more than one million dollars a year.

Near the end of the debate, a few social issues were discussed, including abortion. Biden began by saying his personal beliefs will never influence his political positions. Ryan said that he believes that legal abortion should only be available for incidents of rape, incest or the mother’s health.

Second Presidential Debate: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

The second presidential debate was formatted in a manner to have audience members steer the discussion with questions. The first main topic was unemployment. Obama described a plan involving alternative energy and using the money saved from a reduction in the defense budget to fund roads, bridges and school projects. His tax plan involves cutting middle class taxes and raising high income taxes to compensate. Romney assured the audience that his five point plan will create 12 million jobs. He also intends to cut all tax rates.

Rising gas prices were then introduced to the debate. Romney would like to increase drilling and finalize plans for the Keystone pipeline in order to make the United States completely energy independent. Obama plans to increase fuel efficiency and implement more alternative energy programs.

The main social issue of this debate was gender inequalities. During his presidency, Obama enacted the Lily Ledbetter Bill. Additionally, he intends to continue to fight social injustice firmly, already working to insure contraceptive coverage from insurance companies. Romney explained that women’s issues are family issues. If elected, he will strengthen the economy in order to provide women with well paying jobs that allow women flexible work schedules.

Illegal immigration was another topic. Obama promised to hire more border patrol in addition to focusing on criminal illegal immigrants, rather than students, etc. Romney’s plan differed in that he intends to stop all illegal immigration while implementing citizen verification programs and allowing the children of illegal immigrants’ opportunities to become legal, such as joining the military.