N.E.R.D. Club

Student Club Needlessly Engaging in Recreational Dorkery (N.E.R.D.) is continuing to run strong after four years of activity at the college.

The club primarily plays board and card games together, and occasionally does themed events, said Club Advisor Patrick Taggesell.

Last year the N.E.R.D. club hosted a Doctor Who theme dinner alongside the Culinary Arts Club, Taggesell said.

The club is discussing doing a similar event this year.

It allows members to gather and be “nerdy” together, said Taggesell.

The club focuses primarily on board and card games, along with anime and manga.

Taggesell said the club looks for elaborate and social games, and provides a place to play the games where students can feel accepted. he said the club purchases games to make them accessible for students.

Vice President of N.E.R.D. Brandon Reister said he is the club consultant for purchasing board games. Reister said the club tries to get new games each quarter, and he works to find interesting games through Olympic Cards and Comics.

N.E.R.D. President Brandon Atkins said he keeps people in order at the club meetings and makes sure all the games are properly stored.

Club member Hannah Aldrich said she enjoys being a part of the club. There are often new games to play which are very fun, she said. You can make new friends easily in the club, and it is not a judgmental environment, she said.

“We’re a good club. Come see us, and we’ll gladly accept you. Just join our meetings,” said Atkins.

The N.E.R.D. club meets Wednesdays from 11a.m. to noon in the Student Union Building, Building 27