Local musician documents musical career

Bassist, vocalist, guitar player, and songwriter Clint “Dogger” Mullins said he doesn’t just love music, he also wants to share it with the rest of the world. And, he said he’s found two new ways to do just that: writing and teaching.

This summer, Mullins plans to start writing a book, documenting his musical career. He has created and performed songs with local rock/grunge/metal bands Gebular and Screaming Sons Of for a decade.

He said he also hopes to teach music and business classes after he graduates from college. Mullins currently attends South Puget Sound Community College full time and plans to transfer to The Evergreen State College. He said he wants to eventually obtain degrees in both business and communication and possibly to earn a doctorate. He said he would like to see more classes for aspiring musicians outside of expensive specialty music schools.

Mullins said he wants to continue being a professional musician, but he said he is not in it for the money. His inspiration comes from the fans, he said. His bands keep in touch with fans, some as far away as India, through social media. He added that fan support and encouragement give his bands the drive to seek wider audiences for their music.

Music is more than a creative outlet, said Mullins, it is vital to his well-being. “Performing is like going to counseling,” he said, referring to the emotional release brought on by powerfully executed lyrics and movements on stage.

He said he enjoys going to live concerts and sharing experiences with other music lovers. He said he traces his current musical tastes back to a life-changing Soilent Green concert in 1997. He said that, after hearing the grindcore/sludgemetal band live and after moshing in their mosh pit, he fell in love with rock and never looked back.
Mullins recounted the day in July of 2007 that Gebular opened for Great White and performed in front of over 3,000 people. The audience loved them, he said. “At this point, I knew my calling,” he said. But, he said his all-time favorite experience as a musician was a day in 2011 when he performed at the famous Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, WA with Aaron Burckhard, Nirvana’s first drummer.

Gebular was formed in 2004 in Aberdeen, WA. Since then, the band has performed live at a variety of venues, toured the West coast twice and won two “Battle of the Bands” competitions. Its album, “Escape,” was released in 2008.

In addition to performing original songs, Gebular does the occasional Nirvana cover. Mullins said the high-energy band’s goal is to write and perform songs with real-life meaning to which listeners can relate. They are planning to record their second album this year, he said.

Gebular also gives back to the community. In 2009, Mullins organized and Gebular headlined a concert to benefit youth, Grays Harbor Rock Fest. The following year, the festival was held as a free concert for all ages so that everyone could enjoy the show.

Screaming Sons Of recorded its first demo in 2011. Aaron Burckhard left the band in 2012. They are currently working on new songs for 2013.

Mullins said that when he is not on stage or at college, he enjoys fishing, writing, and photography. He lives “in the woods” along the Satsop River with his wife, three dogs, six cats, and an iguana. He said he also has a wide range of professional interests in addition to music, such as organic farming, audio and video production, and computers.
Performances by Gebular and Screaming Sons Of can be heard on YouTube by searching the band name.