From senator to ASB president

When the Associated Student Body (ASB) president position became vacant at South Puget Sound Community College with the resignation of Jeff Ostlund, David Rowland volunteered to fill the position for the remainder of the academic year.

In April, Rowland left his position as senator of public relations for ASB president.

Upon learning of Ostlund’s resignation, the student Senate held a two-thirds vote at the next senate meeting, where Rowland volunteered and took on the responsibilities of ASB president.

The college’s ASB bylaws state if there is a vacancy in the student Senate, the position may be open to any present student Senate member. A two-thirds majority vote is required to install the subject member.
“I think David has a lot of courage” for taking the position, said Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Geo Panelo.

“The primary reasons that students leave are they find a job somewhere else, they don’t meet the GPA requirement, or they aren’t taking six credits,” said David Rector, dean of Student Life. In the past, it has been more common for students to leave the other senate positions during the academic year, said Rector.

According to Rector, “[Ostlund] was a good president, and worked well with the other senate members.”
As ASB president, Ostlund and the Senate contributed to the college with a campus clean up. “This was the first time an event like this has been organized,” said Rector. Ostlund and the Senate also authorized funding for ashtrays at campus entrances, reducing the amount of cigarette butts on the ground, said Rector.

With spring quarter winding down, there will not be any drastic changes due to the change in ASB presidents, said Rowland.

The other senators have elected to share the duties of the senator of public relations, leaving the position vacant for the rest of this academic year.

Rowland said, his position “was in promotions before, which was getting the word out to students, and now it’s more of trying to orchestrate the senate to get the word out to students.”

Vice President of Administration and Finance David Vo said Rowland “works really well with others.” Vo said, “In a team-player setting, he knows where he belongs, what to do, and where the missing pieces are. So, in a way that’s what the president does: he oversees.”