DEC offers classes for leaders of social justice action

The Diversity and Equity Center (DEC) has hired Karama Blackhorn to fill the newly created DEC Program Coordinator position. In this position, she runs the DEC by providing services and updating resources, as well as running diversity events or workshops.

Blackhorn co-facilitates the Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI), free classes offered at SPSCC. The purpose of the DLI is to help students become leaders of social justice action in their communities. Though the class is offered at other colleges, over the years SPSCC has created its own model. The class is a series of workshops that occur weekly over the course of the year. The workshops are centered on themes to help students appropriately address issues of diversity and develop skills to educate others. “The more we learn about these issues, the more we can actually face it, especially in the context of a college where it’s really present and can impact a student’s ability to succeed,” said Blackhorn.

The class has an interactive format where students teach just as much as they learn. The class often becomes an open forum where students can discuss and share their own experiences, bringing issues down to a more personal level, said student Mayahuel Weisser-Fernandez.

“It is easy to share stories, I feel very comfortable with the others, and it’s a good way to learn how to respect each other and our identities,” said student Sanghoon Lee.

The DLI meets from 3:30 p.m.-5 p.m. Wednesdays in the DEC. Though any student is welcome, students should talk to Blackhorn in the DEC or contact Eileen Yoshina through the Office of Student Life to get caught up on previous workshops.