Crime report from security department, local police

Theft was the highest reported crime at South Puget Sound Community College between 2009 and 2011 according to the crime report of the last three years by the Security Department and local law enforcement. The total sum of these crimes adds up to 59 occurrences said the report.

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act, this crime report covers three areas of property including the main SPSCC campus, the Hawks Prairie campus combined with Mottman Center, and non-campus property that is also in close range of college property.

Numerous crimes were reported on the main campus from 2009 to 2011 including two robberies, one aggravated assault, and six burglaries, with 2009 having the most in all categories.
Department of Education guidelines define burglary as theft from any unlocked office during business hours.

One larceny or theft act was committed at Hawks Prairie over this three-year span, and none were reported on public property.

The highest number of any crime in one year was 23 offenses in 2010 on non-campus property.
Motor vehicle theft was also reported at least once every year over these three years on main-campus property, but only one other act happened on non-campus property in 2011.

In comparison, Saint Martin’s University’s crime statistics show no criminal offenses and hate crimes off campus or on public property. The crimes in these two places are very different with no larceny and theft, but significant incidence of burglary.

One act of intimidation was also reported on both campuses and in residence halls at the university. Also in these areas were reported 338 drug and alcohol offenses. Four acts of illegal weapons possession were reported on campus and another four in residence halls.

The Evergreen State College campus had eight acts of forcible sex offense reported. There were 52 incidents of burglary and three acts of arson also reported.

The Tumwater Police Department has jurisdiction in the areas surrounding the SPSCC Mottman campus, but the Olympia Police Department has jurisdiction in the Mottman SPSCC campus.

This information can be accessed on the SPSCC website on Current Students tab using Internet Explorer. Go to the Security link under the Services column and click on the Clery Act link near the bottom of the left menu. Click on the Clery Act Report 2012 link near the top of the page.