Who are the Four Loko Boys?

A group of students have taken to calling themselves the “Loko Boys,” after the alcoholic beverage they consume before making public appearances. Armed with Four Loko alcoholic energy drinks, the Loko Boys attend sports games and other events and enjoy themselves.

It all started at a Clippers home game where they took on the Highline Community College Thunderbirds.

The Clippers were playing with all they had against the Thunderbirds, but it was not enough nor was the cheering from the crowd able to boost the spirit of the Clippers.

However, that soon changed when four students from SPSCC walked into the gym. Sean, Mike, Gbenga, and Roger, who gave only their first names, would alter the mood of the game that night.

They came to the game drinking Four Loko with all to see. Some of the drinks were in their original cans, while some of the Loko Boys concealed the beverage in water bottles.

The Loko Boys said they had been drinking prior to the game. In fact, the Loko Boys had been seen earlier that afternoon drinking Four Loko while playing ping pong.

Before coming to the game, they said they “had to make another Four Loko run.” The Loko Boys came with a fresh batch of liquid school spirit.

It became a battle between Highline fans and the Loko Boys. Even though they only had four guys to the Thunderbirds’ 20, the Loko Boys said they held their own.

One of the Loko Boys said they wanted to “live the college life.”

However, living the college life also comes with a price. The Loko Boys were reported during the game.

It was not until after the game that security came to see what the problem was. One of the Loko Boys, Mike, had passed out on a bench where he was questioned by security and the Olympia Police Department.

Sean and Roger were able to escape security and the police, but Gbenga and an unconscious Mike were left behind.

As Mike was unable to fully explain himself, Gbenga took the lead and spoke with the OPD officers, even though he was just as intoxicated as Mike.

As a result of their actions, Mike was placed on academic probation and the Gbenga was let off the hook.

A few nights later, according to the Loko Boys, a janitor informed them that their nickname had been ascribed and that their story was spreading across campus.

Recently, the Loko Boys intended to crash a concert at Evergreen. Instead, they found themselves “at a rap concert performed by a bunch of shirtless hippies.”

They were out-matched and unable to spread what they call “Lokoness,” but soon found themselves at an Evergreen basketball game where they were better able to perform their signature act, the boys said.

Rooting for Evergreen, the Loko Boys said that they stood at the top of the bleachers where they tossed trash all over, jumped up and down and screamed trying to make their presence known.

Fortunately, the Olympia Police Department did not see the Loko Boys as a problem and just let them continue to cheer on their team, they said.

The Loko Boys latest appearance was at a wedding. According to the boys, they remained quiet and respectful during the ceremony, but let loose at the reception.

However, with Mike unable to make it, another friend Zane was more than willing to fill in as an unofficial Loko Boy. Unfortunately, as a new member, Zane said he had more to drink than he could handle, and vomited in the living room where the reception was held.

The Loko Boys ended the evening after Sean caught the lace garter belt after fighting for it on the dance floor.

“It was a ‘loko’ night, and we didn’t even have any Four Lokos,” said Sean.