Washington state says “no” to education cuts

Summary of the 2012 Supplemental Operating Budget as Passed by the Legislature:
* Financial Aid: No change in funding for the State Need Grant or the Work Study Program.
* Running Start: No change to Running Start funding.
* Enrollment Targets: No change to our general enrollment target.

The Washington Legislature included no additional budget cuts in the 2012 final operating budget. There were no staff cuts, no further cuts to financial aid or Running Start.

“Keeping the state Work Study program and State Need Grant program at their current levels is tremendously important. We already do not have enough funding to serve all the students who are eligible,” said South Puget Sound Community College President, Gerald Pumphrey.

SPSCC educational programs and services can stay the same since the operating budget isn’t suffering from further cuts, said Pumphrey.

Michelle Le, SPSCC student and senator for administrative affairs, is happy with the budget outcome. Classes that are currently available will continue to be provided to students keeping professors employed and students with more class choices.

Le also said the budget outcome shows that “our voices were heard and every person counts.”
According to Pumphrey, an $88 million cut to community and technical colleges and the removal of financial aid was included in the December beginning proposal of the supplemental budget.
The capital budget funded $15 million to the community and technical college system for equipment and taking Pumphrey by surprise. “We are delighted that we will most likely get some important new technology for our welding, computerized machining, nursing, dental assisting, and chemistry departments,” he said.

According to David Rector, dean of student life, he’s happy with a budget that contains no education cuts.