The Earth is our lover, not our mother

South Puget Sound Community College’s BRICK club introduced Annie Sprinkle to students on April 16 to discuss her life experiences as a feminist porn activist, radical sex educator and ecosexual.

“The room was packed and people were sitting on the stairs. It was the highest attended BRICK event so far this year,” said BRICK member and SPSCC student Kendall Brookhart.

Sprinkle suggested she give a lecture at SPSCC to David Hyde, the BRICK advisor, because she was in the area speaking at The Evergreen State College where she gave her talk “Ecosexy!” on April 17.

“I first heard ecosexual as a dating term like bisexual or metrosexual,” said Sprinkle, but since then there has been little mention of the term. Annie Sprinkle and her partner Elizabeth Stephens decided to embrace the term and made it into a movement.

Sprinkle and Stephens had a series of six ecosex weddings. The weddings included pronouncing vows to rocks, snow, the Moon, the sea, the Appalachian Mountains, and of course the Earth.
According to Sprinkle, people are trashing the Earth and causing cancers to be everywhere. People tend to think that the Earth is something to be controlled, that man has power over it. Humans often see the Earth as a mother.

Sprinkle and Stephens started to think that these “archetypes” don’t work well anymore. Some people may not have good relationships with their mothers. “The Earth can’t keep breastfeeding us forever,” said Sprinkle. “We need to find a more mutual, sustainable relationship, so we’re saying the Earth is our lover instead.”

SPSCC student Cody Browne never heard of the term ecosexual until Sprinkle’s talk. He said he would define the term as “someone who loves the Earth” and therefore considers himself an ecosexual.

Sprinkle has accomplished many things throughout her life as an artist, author, teacher, lecturer, former sex worker of various sorts, a developing adult film actor and director, and photographer.

Sprinkle also received a Ph.D. in human sexuality and according to her website she is the first porn star to get a Ph.D.