Student leaders organize tree planting

The South Puget Sound Community Leadership Development Team is getting ready for their campus tree planting event that will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 26 in front of Building 16. The team hopes to see the event serve as an environmentally conscious way to get students, faculty, and staff working together on a single project.

“Our ultimate goal was to partner students with faculty and staff,” said automotive staff member Larry Norris as part of the Leadership Development Team.

By partnering students with SPSCC faculty and staff for the actual tree planting new bonds will be created said Norris.

Although not directly a part of the Leadership Development Team, the Automotive Club will play a significant role in the success of the event since the team’s goal is to have an estimation of 25 to 75 pre-dug holes by the tree planting.

The Automotive Club will also work to accommodate construction plans for the renovation of Building 16. The tree planters will work around the plans of the construction workers.

According to Automotive Club President Federico Vazquez he is happy to see the Automotive Club participating in something that will shed a positive light on the club.

“I think most people associate the automotive program with being bad for the environment,” said Vazquez.

Eight members of the Automotive Club will be digging the holes and most of the other members plan on volunteering for the tree planting.

The Japanese maples being planted are only a section of the 450 trees donated to SPSCC. Frank Byles, a local nursery owner, donated the trees years ago through the SPSCC Foundation. Some of the trees are already planted Buildings 20, 21, and 25.

According to Leadership Development Team member and Student Life staff member Brandon Pearson the team focuses on one project for the year. The team has been developing the idea and figuring out the logistics at workshops that are held once a month.

This year they decided on a project they hoped could unify the whole campus and transcend the boundaries of specific clubs said Pearson. The team wants to see students working with faculty and staff in venue outside the classroom, he said.

According to Norris this event will serve as a way to continue to move forward with projects to improve SPSCC even during an economic period of a very limited budget for the college.
Norris spoke for the whole Leadership Development Team in that they hope to “promote a sense of community.”

In order to set themselves up to host a successful event, the Leadership Development Team is working to advertise the tree planting project as much as possible all around campus.
According to Pearson posters are out, the access televisions in buildings are running advertisements, and the team spoke to students at the SPSCC open house. The Leadership Development Team is also emailing staff and faculty promoting the event as well as presenting the project at to the student senate.