Specialty delivery service at your service

Drive to Deliver, established in 2012, delivers nearly anything to the Olympia and Lacey area.

“If it will fit into a Ford Focus, and it’s neither human nor animal, we will deliver it,” said Tony Koons, the owner and operator of Drive to Deliver.

“I have personally delivered a wheelchair, emergency feminine products, and even – on one very late Saturday night – condoms!” said Koons.

South Puget Sound Community College student Michael Rollins said the business is “badass” and “interesting.”

“How many times can you think of that you’ve had a craving for Eggs Benedict, but didn’t really feel like taking off your jammies to go get some?” said Koons.

They charge a delivery fee of $7.50 for restaurant items, $10 for non-restaurant items and $3 for every additional stop. They take cash, credit, or debit, but not checks.

Their set delivery area stretches as far west as The Evergreen State College and SPSCC, and as far east as Saint Martin’s University.

SPSCC student Sami Redland said it sounds like a service suited only for a select group, and the delivery charge might be too expensive for many college students.

The business advertises as “Olympia’s only late night delivery service” open from noon to midnight Tuesday through Sunday, and noon to 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

According to Koons, Koons and his partner brought take-out food to Koons’ partner’s mother in an extended care facility at least four times a week. Koons quickly realized how many others might benefit from such a service, asking, “Why doesn’t anyone in Olympia deliver breakfast?” The idea escalated from there after the realization that the delivery options in Olympia are severely limited.

“We put two and two together, and came up with Drive to Deliver. One of the first places that we contacted to offer our services was that very same extended care facility,” Koons said.

According to Koon, the business’ process is simple, “A person calls us with a meal in mind. We then call the restaurant, place the order, pick it up, pay for it, then deliver it to their door.”