Local business sells your stuff for you, gives you half the profit

Mandelin’s Consignment is the long time dream of the pair of family friends. Years of wanting to combine fashion and “the need to do something amazing” all while being environmentally friendly finally came to shape when they thought of the shop five years ago.

“It took us some time, but we never gave up the dream, it only got more and more vivid,” said shop owners, Rachael and Julie.

The pair even out each other well, they said, something that has helped their business succeed.

“One is a creative genius and retail expert and the other one not so much. One had some money, some resources, and a gift for gab and the other one not so much,” according to their website.

In September of 2008, the pair began the tough journey of making their idea a reality.

The experience was difficult for them, they said. “It was everything we’d imagined yet much, much harder.”

At the same time, they note that their business wouldn’t be what it is now if not for the support of their families.

“Tempers have flared, tears have been shed and feelings have been hurt but with the unwavering support and incredible amount of help from our super talented and cute husbands… our children, our parents and our siblings we kept trudging forward,” said the pair.

The business name itself is a tribute to Rachael’s mother. Her mother’s maiden name was Mandelin and after she died of cancer at the age of 46, Rachael looked for a way for her mother’s spirit to live on.

Either way, the pair agree she lives on through Rachael. “Her artistic flair and unique perspectives most definitely live on in her daughter.”

Consignment can be a great way to earn extra money for tuition while cleaning out your closet or to even save a few dollars on a new outfit for spring.

The act of consignment itself is placing something in the hands of another, but still owning the object. The person you’ve given it to is responsible for selling the object.
Once it does, you split the profit with the shop owner.

At Mandelin’s, they focus on clothing and accessories, both women’s and men’s. Under their policy, when an item is sold, the profit is split 50-50 between the consignor (you) and the shop.

Items will only be taken in to be consigned on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If you are not one of the first ten per day, you’ll be asked to come back at a later time, such as another of the above days, or the last week of the month, said the owners.

Some even suggest making reservations in advance if interested.

“Seems like everyone wants to consign their clothes these days. You need to make an appointment to consign and last time I went in I had to make an appointment a month in advance,” said Sandy, a frequent shopper of the store.

Mandelin’s Consignment is located at 222 Division Street NW and is open 10 – 5:30 Monday through Saturday, 11 – 3:00 Sundays, and is closed the last Sunday of each month.