King Solomon’s Reef opens after 2nd fire

Olympia bar and diner-restaurant King Solomon’s Reef, known to locals as The Reef, “re-re-opened” after its second fire damaged the building on Feb. 24, 2011. A malfunctioning clothes dryer in the back of the restaurant caused the fire.

The first fire happened in November 2008, and they didn’t reopen until July 2010.

During the previous reconstruction, the restaurant’s marquee had witty phrases, such as “This is why we can’t have nice things” and “Revenge of the Reef.”

Employee Lindy McIntyre said the building got a new roof and ceiling, new booths, and a redesigned lounge. They added a vintage Frogger game table and a Pac Man machine in addition to juke boxes.

“We couldn’t be happier to be up and running again!” McIntyre said.

The menu now has a kid’s menu. “We really hope to branch out and have more families come and enjoy our food and restaurant,” said McIntyre.

The Reef strives to use as many local products as possible. According to the restaurant’s website, they use products from the San Francisco Street Bakery, Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., and Western Meats in Tumwater.

Many items of the menu are vegan and vegetarian friendly. As an alternative to their Patty Melt burger, customers can order a Veggie Patty Melt which replaces the meat patty with a “house recipe veggie burger.”

Vegan options include a “Chicken Fried” Tofu burger, which is a fried tofu fillet burger with vegan herb ranch. They offer a variety of soups and salads, including a vegan three-bean chili.

Not only do they serve lunch and dinner items, but customers can order breakfast items all day, including waffles and omelets. You can even get chicken and waffles.”

Since The Reef experienced a re-opening after the first fire, they knew what to expect for the recent opening weekend, which included Hollywood-type searchlights.

“It was loud and crazy, but so much fun,” McIntyre said.

SPSCC student Oscar McNamara said, “The atmosphere is boisterous and light. Also, their pie is really good!”

Now that The Reef has re-opened, Olympia locals have an old favorite diner to go to once again.