Dinner and a show, on the water

“I visit Tugboat Annie’s on a regular basis and love it. This place often has live music and (when it’s nice) the patio seating is wonderful! It overlooks the marina and has beautiful views of Olympia,” a customer of Tugboat Annie’s says.

Tugboat Annie’s is decked out with various posters, old fashioned signs, and a boat that’s attached to the ceiling.

“[Tugboat Annie’s] has a great atmosphere, very family friendly and lots of fun stuff on the ceiling along with the walls for kids and adults alike to look at. The waterside location is great,” said a patron from Seattle.

Tugboat Annie’s is casual, wheel chair accessible, and welcoming to everyone.

There’s a variety of different foods, a majority of them being “organic and locally grown” says server Chris Waggoner.

The restaurant has a few claims to fame.

It’s “the home of the largest burger around, the Barge Burger!” according to Tugboat Annie’s homepage.

“If you go with a group of people the $20 Barge Burger is where it’s at,” says a regular.

You’ll experience something new each time you go, beginning with “the best happy hour in the city” according to Waggoner.

“The Nacho appetizer plate is a family favorite and very large serving that will accommodate quite a few people,” said Waggoner.

Their half-off appetizers, as well as their dollar off house liquor, draft beer, and wine, are available between 3 P.M. and 6 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Tuesdays from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. the 21 and over community is given the opportunity to share their talent, or non-talent if you prefer, with open-mic night.

Tugboat Annie’s bar opens at 11 A.M. and stays open until 2 A.M.

A gathering of lively musicians play Irish Music at the head of the restaurant, welcoming guests to clap their hands and stepdance on Wednesdays at 7 P.M.

Playing every other Thursday, the Oly Mountain Boys, a band containing Chris Rutledge, one of Tugboat Annie’s very own servers, plays bluegrass at 8 P.M. and from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. magicians Budd and Durgin perform.

Tugboat Annie’s is a restaurant, bar, and stage, but it also serves Olympia in many different ways.

This company provides an event/meeting space that people can rent, they lease out their own kayaks for everyone to enjoy, as well as donate food and gift certificates for local charities and fund raisers.

“We never over price,” said Jason Gilbertson, Tugboat Annie’s manager. “While the rest of the world was in recession Tugboat Annie’s received it’s largest profit in 2010. I think it’s because customers know that they can trust that our prices and our service will stay reliable.”

“Two-thirds of all restaurants fail within the first year,” said Waggoner. “Tugboat Annie’s has made it 12 years now, getting busier and busier. Mother’s day of 2010 was our busiest day.”

This local business has attracted many different people from all walks of life. The young and the old, the poor and the rich come to enjoy the music, the atmosphere, and the food. “Tugboat Annie’s is a place where the marina residents spend most of their time.” said customer Jim, who describes himself as “a dweller of the sea.”

“We know the employees by name,” said Dan. “They’re like a family. I’ve been living on the marina for about 22 years now. I was here when Tugboat Annie’s was established [in 1999].”