“Cows With Guns” singer performs at Traditions Cafe

It was standing room only at Traditions when Dana Lyons came to perform his annual gig in Olympia. A chilly Saturday evening saw young hearts of all ages come to see Lyons socially conscious folk music. Small children raised their hands to request their favorite tunes of his, while elders tapped their feet and bobbed their heads.

With every song, the audience responded with laughter and joy. The audience sang along to Lyon’s lyrics that were filled with commentary on the politics of this world, human’s behavior, and the actions done to the earth.

Lyons’ annual appearance at the Traditions Folk Art Café has become a mainstay of his performance calendar.

“I’ve been playing here at Tradition’s since I moved here [from Kingston, New York] in 1985. This is the only regular show I do,” said Lyons.

According to Traditions Café and World Folk Art flyer, Lyons is “a humorous and insightful” singer/songwriter.

Living in Bellingham, WA Lyons is greatly known throughout the world for his hit song “Cows with Guns.”

“Cows with Guns” was #1 on Dr. Demento’s radio show, it was #2 on Australian Country Charts, it was Seattle’s #1 for 10 months, as well as spending six months on Ireland’s Top 40.  He is also notorious for his songs “RV,” and “Ride The Lawn.”

At the show, he sold shirts, sweaters, and his latest CD: “Three Legged Coyote.”

Also for sale was his children’s book, “The Tree,” which won multiple awards.

Dr. Jane Goodall, a primatologist and ethologist praised Lyons.

“‘The Tree’ should be on every child’s bookshelf. The illustrations are hauntingly beautiful. The message is powerful – we must take peaceful action to save what we love,” said Goodall

The Tree is just one of two books Lyons has created out of his songs.  The other is “Cows With Guns,” published by Penguin.

“What I like most about Dana Lyons is that he still shows optimism on our environment and world without blind eyes,” said Sally Brownsfield, an audience member.  This observation is supported by Lyons’ involvement in Jane Goodall’s proposal to circle the world on the United Nations World Peace Day every September 21 with giant peace doves.   “Circle the World” is a collaboration of Jane Goodall telling stories of peace along with Lyons’ narrative songs.

Heading to tour Australia soon, Lyons is furthering his career in impacting the world around him with his influential songs and involvement in standing for what he believes.  You can join his e-mail list and accompany him on his journey through his main website www.cowswithguns.com.  Visit Traditions Café and World Folk homepage (www.traditionsfairtrade.com) to view their upcoming events as well.