Capitol Steps come to Olympia, mock politics and politicos

Capitol Steps, a political satirist group whose members started out as U.S. Congressional staffers, made their way to Olympia and had their audience at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts laughing consistently.

The performance included a mix of stand-up skits and improvisation. The show incorporated elements of both styles, and included in impersonations, insults, love ballads, and musical show tunes.

The set up of the show was basically a backdrop with the Capitol Steps logo on it, which served the purpose of a neutral background for each set up. There were 5 cast members in the entire performance, each switching out between bits. Basically every skit started out with a humorous situation and progressed to a climax where a parody song with live piano accompaniment followed, taking the scene even further into mockery. Every scene made fun of a different political party, representative, or bill that had been passed.

Some of their better received sketches included an Obama impersonation, where the actor mimicking the president’s voice played up his overly-mellow tone. The most obvious and tired joke they attempted during the show was about U.S. airport security and how the government is making the people basically strip down to nothing because of their lack of preventative measures.

The skit was between a male security screener and a female customer. The male actor went as far as “motor-boating” the female’s breasts on stage, and put his hand up her skirt. According to the accompanied parody song, the joke was on him, “cause she’s a trannie!” This totally shocked the audience; they either sat silent or gasped in shock. However offensive or clever, the show managed to hold the audience’s attention throughout.