College clubs sponsor sports events for outreach

The Latin American Club and the Christian Club are reaching out to the campus community by sponsoring sporting events this winter.

The Campus Activities Board and Latin American Club are sponsoring an Intramural Indoor Soccer Tournament, and the Christian Club will host Ultimate Frisbee games this winter quarter.

Luis Magana Reyna, Latin American Club president, said soccer is like a religion in Latin Culture. He said this soccer tournament was created as the club’s first big event to share the Latin Culture’s passion for soccer with SPSCC.

This is an inclusive event, open to anybody looking to have fun and wanting to learn more about Latin Culture.

Magana Reyna said soccer is so important in Latin Culture because it can unite whole nations of people. National teams for these countries can unite a country even if they are going through a hard time, said Magana Reyna.

Latin American Club is calling this soccer tournament “La Copa” (meaning “The Cup”). Magana Reyna said the club will further use this soccer event to showcase Hispanic Culture by having each team in the tournament represent a Latin country.

Starting on Saturday, Jan. 11, the tournament will continue every Saturday until Feb. 1. The tournament will include six teams of at least six players on each team. This co-ed competition needs to include at least two female players on each team.

This is a free event for SPSCC students and will take place in the school’s gymnasium. Prizes will be awarded for first through third place, and free t-shirts for all participants.

Sign up forms and rules for the tournament can be found upstairs in the Student Life Desk in Building 27. Forms need to be turned in by Jan. 8.

Maren Sekerak, Christian Club president, and David Rowland, social media director, are planning winter quarter’s Ultimate Frisbee events. There have already been two successful events on campus.

Ultimate Frisbee is a game involving two teams, with the objective to score more goals than the other team. Similar to football, there are two endzones on either side of the field, one for each team. The teams then passes a frisbee to their own teammates until they reach the endzone to score a goal.

Sekerak said this is a free event, welcome to all SPSCC campus members. Rowland said in the past two events, approximately 30 people participated.

Sekerak said the Christian Club hopes events can help them build a community outside of just their club. She said the goal of these games are to be inclusive and inviting to everyone.

We want to have fun, help get our club some recognition, and do something different besides just weekly meetings, said Rowland. He said so far the events have included about half Christian Club members, and half non-members.

While specific dates are still in the making, Rowland did say for more information look for flyers around campus and “like” the SPSCC Christian Club Facebook page.