Christian Club hosts annual event

Grill a Christian is back at SPSCC. The annual event will take place Feb. 27 at noon in Building 26 room 105. The Grill a Christian event allows students from any walk of life to ask questions about the Christian faith.

Last year the Christian Club held the same event and had a turnout of over 70 students. At the first event there were questions about creation, God in relationships, God’s existence, and predestination.

“This is a good opportunity for people to understand what Christianity is,” said Rowland, “if they have questions about it they can get answers and make a decision for themselves.”

Three local pastors from different churches will be at the event to answer questions. “This offers three different perspectives,” said Rowland. The three pastors are Tom Shuck, Ph. D. from Pilgrim Bible Church, Ben Phillips from Calvary Chapel, and Jim Ladd from Evergreen Christian Community are the grillees.

Christian Club Advisor Lynette Hill said that last year’s event was really positive, but it could have been longer. The event is scheduled for one hour. There will be microphones on either side of the room where students can line up and ask questions.

There will not be any specific order the pastors will answer questions in, but each pastor may comment on different questions or add to the other’s responses.

After the event, the students are able to mingle and possibly have further conversations with the pastors if they desire. This will also be a great time to speak to other students about their own experiences and thoughts.

This event will host a catered barbecue following the questions. “Grilled chicken, baked beans, potato salad, brownies, cookies, water, juice and a yummy surprise,” said Hill. Students can expect to eat immediately after the event outside the lecture hall. There will be tents set up in case of inclimate weather.

Rowland said the event is a great way to start conversations between students about Christianity. “The whole event is such a great experience for the students, especially students who had no belief that God exists. It’s such a neat opportunity to get answers,” said Hill.

Students are encouraged to come to the event and ask any questions they are curious about. Grill a Christian is about learning and it is open to everyone. The Christian Club looks forward to students utilizing their time asking questions and listening for responses. The club does not intend for this event to become a debate.