Children’s museum hosts adult-only series

The Hands on Children’s Museum is a fun, interactive space for children, but guests 21 years and older packed the museum for BeerCraft: The Art & Science Behind Craft Brews on Jan. 24. While only expecting to sell 250 tickets, the museum increased capacity to accommodate the 600 tickets sold for the event.

BeerCraft included a barbecue meal with music, activities creating custom cozies and silk screen shirts, and tastings of samples from eight different breweries. The event also featured several activities that explored the science behind craft brewery. According to Educational Department Coordinator Adrienne Testa, the most popular activity of the night was an experiment that tested the theory that people are genetically predisposed to liking India Pale Ales.
BeerCraft kicked off the new adults only series, Adult Swim, that the museum is hosting. “It’s an effort to bring people in the museum who might not have an excuse to come,” said Testa who runs the series, “It’s also creating a community event where adults can get together and learn.”

The event received an unexpected and overwhelming response from the community. “I didn’t really know how the event would look inside the museum because it is geared towards children,” said Testa, “Then I saw 600 adults interacting with the museum and was surprised by just how much adults could engage with the exhibits.”

The next event in the series will be held on April 11 from 6-9 p.m. It will be titled Cocktails & Cosmonauts and is in celebration of a worldwide event called Yuri’s Night. Yuri’s Night is the anniversary of the first human to orbit the earth and be in space, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, and is held annually on April 12.

According to the Hands on Children’s Museum website, Cocktails & Cosmonauts will feature “cosmic-inspired cocktails” and educational activities exploring the theme of space.
“It’s like going to a party where you can drink, eat, and be with your friends,” said Testa, “With the added level of interacting with scientists, inventors, and artists and learning something new.”

Preregistration is recommended and can be done through the museum’s website, Tickets for admission are $15, while food and drinks are available for purchase.
In addition, adults 21 and over are welcomed to volunteer. For more info about volunteering for the Adult Swim series or at the museum, contact Volunteer Coordinator Addie Roccio at