The Legend of the Lady In White

For decades, there have been accounts from night time staff of a Native American ghost known as the Lady in White haunting South Puget Sound Community College. Though many students haven’t heard of or seen the Lady in White, Larry Craig, night time security officer, recalls sighting the Lady in White in Building 22 in the early 1980s.

It was a cold late night when Craig was patrolling Building 22 and he heard a loud banging noise, like a door slamming opened and closed. Yet, according to Craig, no one else was on campus that late at night. He then heard a whistle from the top of the spiral staircase and ran over to see if there was anything there, but he didn’t see a thing. He went outside, and across the pond he could see a girl’s figure going behind the greenhouse.

On some nights, Building 22 was an eerie place to be in, he said. According to Craig, several people felt the same and refused to go into Building 22 or near the pond across from the building at night by themselves.

Craig first heard the tale of the Lady in White in 1980 from a custodian named Ken Foster. Foster told Craig that the Lady in White resides around Building 22, which is currently being renovated, and the greenhouse and pond area surrounding it. She usually appears on dark nights after it rains, and as a young Native American woman dressed in white. It is said that she likes to giggle, and does not seem to want to cause harm.

Craig said that the Lady in White is rumored to have some control over electricity. He recalls a story where the elevator in Building 22 would move on its own, and another when the power was out and the elevator continued to work.

Former SPSCC employee Steve Willis, who worked at the college during the ‘90s, never saw the ghost, but he is very familiar with the stories about her. He said that there are many theories regarding who the Lady in White is, but there’s one he’s heard most often.

Willis said that when the campus was being renovated in the ‘70s and ‘80s, a Native American tribe’s grounds were disturbed. Since then, the Lady in White has been haunting the campus.

Craig heard a similar story, and according to him during this same time an Indian stone bowl was found. It was said that the bowl belonged to the Lady in White.

Willis is very fascinated with the evolution of the legend of the Lady in White. “It amazed me no one, not even the senior staff, who worked during the day had heard of her. But she was famous among the evening people,” he said.

“I try to stay open-minded about the existence of the Lady in White, and I do believe there is merit in many of the accounts. She deserves closer attention,” said Willis.

Now that Building 22 is being renovated, has the Lady in White found a new place to haunt? There have been very few sightings of her in the past several years. The security staff thought there might be new sightings because of the reconstruction, but so far nothing new has been seen.

So keep an eye out for any unexplainable happenings on campus, for it very well may be the Lady in White making herself known once again.