Submissions sought for Percival Review

The Percival Review (TPR) is South Puget Sound Community College’s annual student art publication with a mission to showcase students’ passions and talents.

Established in 1994, the journal will put out its 19th issue this spring. Advisors Jen Berney and Sarah Tavis work with this years’ editors Jessyka Williams and Kathryn Herron, and a student committee.

Any SPSCC student enrolled in classes during the 2012-2013 school year can be a part of this committee, or submit artwork to TPR, including visual, literary, and audio pieces.

To inquire about becoming part of the student committee, email for further details. The committee usually meets monthly during winter and spring quarters, but members can choose their level of involvement.

Committee members get the opportunity to help editors choose which submitted works get published, usually 25 percent to 50 percent ends up being published.

From each student, TPR will accept three literary submissions (such as short stories, essays, and poetry), three visual art submissions (such as photography, sculptures, and drawings), and three audio submissions.

Covers of music are not accepted, and if audio entries are approved they will be posted on TPR’s Tumblr blog, Literary submissions may be no more than five pages double-spaced. Due to space limitations, shorter pieces are more likely to be published.

“Humor and darkness, love and hurt, the beautiful and the heinous,” are just some of the moods of pieces submitted, said Williams.

“My personal desire is to see some good humor this year! I think literary humor is highly underrated,” she said.

This journal usually comes out at the end of spring quarter, during finals week. The editors hope to have it out a bit earlier this year, so students and faculty will have more opportunity to enjoy it before graduation and summer break.

In order to make this happen, the submission deadline is midnight Feb. 19.

Williams said she wants to see what creative students are capable of making and for their submissions, “Print is a dying art. My plea: keep it breathing. Keep it alive!”

To submit, email all works to Literary works should be sent as doc, docx, rtf, or pasted into the body of an email. Visual art should be in jpeg or tif.
For more specific submission instructions or tips, visit