SPSCC Writers Club invites students to join

The new Writers Club at South Puget Sound Community College is looking for students who love to write. They meet every Thursday at 1 p.m. in room 103 of the Lecture Hall.

The meetings are casual and open to any student that has a passion for language.

Club members often come to the meetings with their poetry, creative fiction, and even research papers for a group critique.

According to club member Caitlin Eubel, club members give each other informative and constructive feedback.

The club is not exclusive to “good writers.” It was founded for people who wanted to be a part of the literary community of SPSCC, said Eubel.

“If you like to write poetry, if you keep a journal, if you enjoy writing research papers, or if you love to read books, then you should swing by sometime,” said Eubel.

Right now, the club only has about five regular members, but they are hoping to gain more in spring quarter.

They are considering changing their meeting time from 1 p.m. to noon so more people will be able to attend the weekly meetings.

The club works closely with the staff of the Percival Review (PR) and the Writing Center.

Jessyka Williams, the club treasurer, works for both the PR and the Writing Center.

The club’s advisor, Sarah Tavis, is also the faculty advisor of the Percival Review. According to Tavis, the Writing Club was created because the staff of the Writing Center saw a need for students to have another outlet.

“The writing club is open to any students who want to talk about the writing process, receive and give feedback on any type of writing and, of course, write,” Tavis said.

Students of all skill levels are welcome to join the club, Eubel said.

“Some of our members are still in English 101, and another was just accepted to Cornell with a liberal arts scholarship.”

Any students who are interested in joining the Writers Club should head to the Writing Center in the library. The entire staff has information about the club and is willing to help students with their writing in any way possible.