SPSCC bus riders adjust to new stop

While construction of the new Student Union Building continues, Intercity Transit bus service has been moved to the Mottman loop in front of the Minnaert Center for the Performing Arts.

The IT bus routes 42, 43 and 44 that service SPSCC will pick up and drop off riders at the new location until Spring 2013, according to Penny Koal, the Dean for Facilities Planning and Operations.

Although the new service location has been in place for weeks, not all students were aware of the change in bus location.

Student Grant Gorley is taking the bus this quarter until his truck is fixed, and didn’t know about the location change.

Student Laura Keese has been taking the bus for over a year, and is getting used to the new Mottman location, as well as the ample roof space of the Minnaert Arts Center.

“There’s less space for the buses to fit in, but when it’s raining, there’s a little bit more space for people to stand under the roof, as opposed to the two little cubbies that they had before, so that’s nice. I like keeping dry instead of standing for five minutes in the pouring rain,” she said.

One student who is well aware of the bus stop location change is Andrew Hooker. He likes the bus service, and it helps him cut down on using his own car.

“I’ve only had a few failed attempts to get the right bus, but it’s been very useful,” he said.

He uses his car partly to drive his sister around, because she has sensitivities to the bus environment.

“Because of some of the smells and stuff, she can’t handle going on the bus because it messes up her singing voice. Maybe a random smoke or two. I don’t really have a sense of smell, so it doesn’t bother me,” he said.
Running Start student Angela Miller said she has to take three buses to get home, but otherwise enjoys the service.

“It gets pretty crowded in the afternoon, but usually the students are nice here, so it’s not too contentious and awkward. It works,” said Miller.

Whenever the change back to Building 25 does happen, Miller thinks that it should happen during a break between quarters.

“A lot of the students are already used to the new location and it’s within their routine already, and I wouldn’t change it up so quickly,” she said.