Harder Than it Looks

The Student Union Building was host to an unusual game of ring-toss during the fourth annual Sexual Wellness Fair, as horse shoes and rings were tossed at a pair of dildos on stage.

The game was put on by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of sex-positive performers who help educate young people about safe sex practices while in drag as nuns. They approach sex education dressed as nuns to highlight the differences between them and the Catholic church.

“They’re like the opposite of the church in a lot of ways,” said Tim Carbary, administrative coordinator for the Campus Acitivites Board.

The sisters also demonstrated proper condom use by having audience volunteers hold dildos as the sisters properly applied condoms to them. Participants then switched roles with the sisters, and applied the condoms themselves.

“They’re drag queens who teach us about safe sex so we know what we’re doing,” said Kelsi Johnson, community and health services coordinator.

Their performance was not purely educational. Their aim is to have fun and be entertaining as well.

“They’re fabulous and they totally hit on me,” said Carbary.

Johnson played a major role in planning the fair. She served on a committee along with several psychology and sociology professors, including Kathryn Clancy, Erica Dixon, and Rob Cherry.

This year’s fair included community organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Washington State Department of Health. There were, however, fewer outside participants this year than last.

“Regardless of that, I feel like it was a really successful event,” said Johnson.

That success can be measured by the number of condoms and other contraceptives taken by students. The condoms were offered for free at a “salad bar” and were handed out by Student Senate representatives in condom costumes.

According to Johnson, approximately 4,000 condoms were provided for the fair, 3,000 of which were taken. The condoms were not, however, the most popular items.
“There were also dental dams,” said Johnson. “Those went like hotcakes too.”

Lubricants were offered as well, Johnson said. They were the most popular offering at the “sex salad bar.”

The task of acquiring 4,000 condoms is no easy undertaking. Several thousand were donated by Planned Parenthood, and many more were purchased by the college.
“I [bought] them bulk, it’s cheaper that way,” said Johnson.

As an annual event, the Sexual Wellness Fair will be hosted again next winter, said Johnson, who will be continuing in her position next year. She plans to make the event even bigger than this year.

“I want it to get as big as possible,” said Johnson. “As many condoms as I can hand out to make sure people are having safe sex, the better.”

In the works for next quarter is another fair, this time to be focused on general wellness, said Johnson.

4 comments on “Harder Than it Looks
  1. Nice higher education material. If you would have just cursed you could have had a trifecta! Profanity, Pornography (dildo) and bigotry (mocking the church). How proud your mothers must be that they are paying for your education.

    • The depiction of dildo does not constitute pornography.
      Wearing a fake habit does not constitute bigotry.
      These terms have definitions.

      If you’re going to be concerned, o taxpayer, be concerned about something your taxes actually paid for. In the meantime, have the guts to sign your name where it says “Name (required).” Stand by your opinion or step aside.

    • Do you seriously have so little to do that you have to attack community college events? Is your mind so stale that all you have left is bitching about those damn young people?
      I am a student at the college. I’m taxpayer and am also aware that student events are payed for with student funds, not tax dollars.
      Get a life and don’t open your mouth until you know what you’re talking about.

  2. I can’t tell if this guy is criticizing the article, the student body at large, or the individual students who attended.

    I really don’t know how he could get bigotry from this though. It strikes me as silly. Perhaps before you insult the college, you should try attending one yourself?

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