Senate and CAB Uphold the Student Body

The student senate and campus activities board are two of the groups that emphasize the student voice at South Puget Sound Community College. They are designed to voice student concerns and improve the overall school experience for students and visitors at SPSCC.

Students such as the Vice President for Clubs and Organizations Megan Rowland serve important functions for the SPSCC community.

“I will be working with the clubs to promote [them] and [their] activities, as well as enrich the students’ experiences on our campus,” said Rowland.

The senate and CAB are hired through a committee of student volunteers. The committee contains previous senate members, as well as other non-voting members including administration who interview the potential candidates.

The service and activities fees that students pay every quarter are directed by the senate to various concerns brought to their attention. This means it is important that the senate is active in addressing the students’ concerns, and it is just as important that the students are active in reporting problems they have on campus.

Vice President for Administration and Finance Samantha Armstrong is a head figure with her financial committee. They vote whether or not to give funds to people who ask for financial help from the school for functions being held.

“I get together with my finance committee and we discuss and vote…so anytime anyone really is asking for money they come to me,” she said.

Khurshida Begum, the associated student body president, is a chief figure in the senate. “I will be working with the clubs to promote [membership] and activities, as well as enrich the students’ experiences on our campus,” she said.

Begum meets with President Gerald Pumphrey to discuss the senate’s decisions. During the meeting, Pumphrey discusses actions the administration is planning to implement.

“The other project that our senate team is working on is so no evening students are left behind,” said Begum. “We’re doing evening coffees to really promote accessibility [and] information to the evening students…Monday through Friday, eight to five, all of us have services available here. But the evening students are still students here on this campus, and so that’s one of our things that we’re also working on,” she said.

She gets these suggestions from attending the public meetings the senate holds every other Monday at 4 p.m. to address all issues that have been brought to their attention.

Michelle Le, the senator for administrative affairs, assists with meetings by writing and posting minutes, as well as handling all of the agenda items.

“I wanted to help inform the student body about all of the events that are going on…I didn’t know that there was a senate team,” she said.

The duties for Senator for Legislative Affairs Matthew Shrader include keeping the student body informed of legislative decisions that might impact them.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to further last year’s senate’s accomplishments…and there was great potential within this position,” he said.

Linh Huynh, the senator for public relations, makes posters and maintains the posting boards around the campus.

“My sister was a senate member, she always talked about how she did a lot…I always wanted to be more involved in the school because I really like it,” she said.

Senate meetings are held every other week, typically in building 27, room 119, on Mondays at 4 p.m.. On off weeks, the student senators gather for an informal working session at the same time and place. Both meetings are open to the public.

Information can be found on both the senate and CAB Facebook pages, as well as individual emails available on the SPSCC website.

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