Queer prom provides an alternative for LGBTQ students

The Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) club hosted Queer Prom for a third year in a row.

The QSA, with the help of first-year Advisor Brandon Pearson, decorated the Student Union Building with a superheroes theme and advertised the event as an inclusive dance event for the LGBTQ school community as well as ally students.

“A lot of LGBT folks don’t go to their regular prom because it’s not safe, or they’re not comfortable,” said Pearson.

According to Pearson, the group intends to advertise earlier next year to attract a larger turnout.

Club President Taylor Reeves acted as the lead coordinator for Queer Prom.

“I wanted to be able to create an event for people who had been discriminated against,” said Reeves.

The QSA collected donations from prom-goers to use for the SPSCC foundation’s LGBTQ and Ally Scholarship. SPSCC’s annual drag show also collected money for this new scholarship. The Queer Prom event raised $36 for the scholarship.

According to Pearson, this amount added to money raised at the QSA-sponsored annual drag show which helped reach SPSCC’s goal of funding the $1000 LGBTQ&A scholarship.

The QSA held a prom king and queen contest, traditional to many proms. A costume contest centered on the superheroes & villains theme also occurred.

According to Pearson, the club chose this theme in particular because the writers of the Green Lantern comic recently rewrote the superhero character as a gay male.

Incoming Student Senate President Jeff Ostlund and several current student senators attended.

“I feel it’s important to support different groups and different organizations within our community college,” said Ostlund.

According to Pearson, it was good to see other student leaders attending the event.

“Sometimes if you have divergent values…you don’t have as much support,” said Pearson when speaking about student groups.

The dance aspect of the event attracted students as well. Student Thu Hoang attended Queer Prom with her friend and outgoing Student Senator Michele Le.

“I didn’t go to high school here, and I really wanted to go to prom,” said Hoang.

Michele Le said she attended Queer Prom for the dancing, and because she wanted to get more use out of the prom dress she purchased for her high school event.

This year the QSA provided cupcakes and drinks at the event. Local bakery The Bearded Lady catered the event with both vegan and gluten-free cupcake options.

The QSA also marched in the Capital City Pride Parade.

QSA meets weekly on Thursdays at noon in the Diversity and Equity Center located in the Student Union Building.