Professor David Hyde to take time off to write open-access textbook

David Hyde, sociology professor and advisor of student club Building Revolution by Increasing Community Knowledge (BRICK), will be spending the 2013-2014 school year away from South Puget Sound Community College in order to write an open-access, electronic textbook for a course he teaches at SPSCC, Global Sociology.

Though the textbook will need to be viewed on a computer or iPad, it will be available to students for free, said Hyde. The book will focus on the various aspects of globalization, he said, including economic, political, and technological topics.

Specifically, the book will highlight United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the internet, immigration, outsourcing, global media, treaties, social problems, and the roles and structures of transnational corporations, he said.

According to Hyde, many of the current textbooks for this subject are written at an advanced level.

“I’d like to write a text with community college students as a target audience,” he said. The idea of an electronic textbook is also appealing to Hyde, as it is an example of technological change, a topic discussed in the course.

The desire to write this book was derived by his graduate work, Hyde said. Having designed the Global Sociology course at SPSCC, Hyde has recognized the growing popularity of the subject and hopes the outcome of his project will be useful to students and professors at other institutions as well.

As the BRICK advisor, Hyde is currently working with other professors and the Office of Student Life to compensate for his upcoming absence.

BRICK member, Kayla Perez said, “It’s hard to imagine BRICK without David Hyde.”

Despite her mild regret, Perez is hopeful for next year’s team and believes that the members will be really motivated.

“Although we’ll miss him next year, he deserves a Sabbatical and will come back with a great e-textbook on globalization,” said Perez.