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Running Start student David Vo is taking full advantage of the program’s opportunities and working toward a successful future during his time at South Puget Sound Community College.

Vo is in his second year at SPSCC and will be graduating with an Associate of Arts this spring. He said he will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle next year to study math and complete prerequisites for medical school.

Vo said he fell in love with SPSCC during his time here, and would love to stay if he could.

Vo is the SPSCC Vice President for Administration and Finance in the Student Senate, and he is in the Psychology and Sociology Club and the Pacific Islanders Club at SPSCC. He is also in the National Honors Society at Timberline High School, and he is a member of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).

Vo said he felt working for the Student Senate set him apart from other applicants for the scholarships, especially since not all colleges have the unique position of Vice President for Administration and Finance that he holds.

Vo said applying through the Phi Theta Kappa Spring Common Application helped, since the common application went for multiple scholarships which not only saved time but also heightened his chances of winning due to the smaller pool of applicants.

“I really got involved this year in dipping my hands in everything I could,” said Vo. Through DECA, Vo has been learning about business and marketing, and he has participated in projects involving local businesses for the last two years.

As a member of the SPSCC Psychology and Sociology Club, Vo is currently working on a project with the club about altruism, and he will be going to the Western Psychological Association Convention in Reno, Nevada from April 25 to April 28. As a member of the Pacific Islanders Club, Vo said he has been learning about cultural appropriation and diversity, as well as cultures and values.

Vo said it is a lot of fun to learn through all these different clubs and programs.

Vo has won multiple scholarships in both the fall and spring application times.

He won the Coca Cola Leaders of Promise scholarship from the Spring Phi Theta Kappa Common Application. Vo was selected as SPSCC’s representative for the All-Washington Academic Team, and as a member of the Academic Team he received the All-Washington Academic Team Scholarship from Key Bank and a scholarship from the Trustees Association of Community and Technical Colleges. Vo also won the 2013 Coca Cola Community College Academic Team Silver Scholar scholarship in fall.

Vo said he will be using his scholarships to attend the University of Washington in Seattle, and he is planning to attend the UW medical school in the future.

He said he would like to take it slow for his undergraduate degree at UW, since he is still young, and since he has been pushing very hard for his whole life.

Vo said he is excited to take advantage of the summer months to play more tennis.