Presidential applicants vie to fill empty shoes

The Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC), is hard at work determining who will succeed Gerald Pumphrey as the president of the college. PSAC is currently on the second step of the process.

A final decision on the next college president is expected to be announced on Dec. 17.

PSAC, led by Board of Trustees member, Richard Wadley, combines the perspectives of college faculty and staff, students, and community members.

Consulting with an external search firm, they designed the best selection process and started by advertising the job opening nationally.

The committee’s expectations of the new college president include characteristics such as integrity, morality, leadership skills, innovation and a commitment to academic success.

Student Ruslan Makhlouf said a college president should be “someone who listens to students.”

According to student Curtis Johnston, the new president should be a strong leader and “not be afraid to express their opinion.”

The required qualifications are at least a master’s degree from an accredited institution and the equivalent of five years of community college administrative experience.

The position drew in 29 applicants. On Oct. 12 PSAC narrowed the pool to 12 candidates after a careful screening of each. The next step is to sort through additional materials submitted by the applicants and select the top five or six for interviews with the Board of Trustees.

Though completely uninvolved in the decision, Pumphrey was able to suggest to the Board of Trustees methods of developing a more comprehensive final interview, having completed a similar process before being hired.

For more information on the presidential search you can visit the college’s website.For more information on the presidential search you can visit the college’s website.