Online class schedule receives upgrades

Just in time for winter quarter registration, the online class schedule has been outfitted with several new features.

Before this month, the online class schedule allowed students to sort through available classes by location and department. With the new schedule, classes can also be sorted by AA/AS General Education distribution groups, diversity classes and open classes.

Additional features of the new schedule include all course start and end dates, faculty contact information and association of linked courses.

The waitlist count feature that was introduced for fall quarter registration will also be a part of the class schedule when classes start to fill.

The new open class feature will allow an estimated 2.5 hours saved every week of staff time during registration week, because Enrollment Services will no longer need to run an open class list. It also gives students an instant updated open class list in real time.

Anne Molenda, Assistant Director of Advising and Outreach, said the changes were spurred by students seeking easier ways to read and understand course fees, and a better way to view linked classes.

The new features will allow students to navigate through the registration process with much less assistance, and will work well with the degree audit program, she said.

For example, a student working on an AA degree can look in degree audit and see that they need a humanities class.

“Before a student would have to come to campus to get an open class list to cross-reference or meet with an advisor to scan through the enrollment system to see which classes were running waitlists and how long they were,” said Molenda.