O Bee Credit Union installs no-fee ATM in SUB

O Bee Credit Union installed a new ATM in the Student Union Building at South Puget Sound Community College Dec. 29, 2011.

It is operable as of Jan. 5, 2012. As of Jan. 9 it does not charge a transaction fee for withdrawals.

“I think it’s really great…the other ATM was three dollars to access your account,” said John Minter, a student at SPSCC.

Amanda Kalin, a student at SPSCC, said, “I know the ATMs on the Evergreen Campus don’t have surcharge fees which is really nice because for a student those little fees really add up.”

The administration at SPSCC has been attempting to find a way of eliminating the added transaction fee.

Nancy McKinney, vice president for administrative services and extended learning, was one of the people involved in finding a bank to sponsor SPSCC’s ATM machine.

Since McKinney’s six year employment at SPSCC, students have diligently asked for a no-transaction-fee ATM on campus.

McKinney said her administration had gone out for bid on the banking contract and no banks had offered a bid the administration was satisfied with.

“Finally someone from O Bee Credit Union gave me a call about three or four months ago and said, ‘I think we can work out a deal’ and we did,” said McKinney. “I’m really happy that O Bee Credit Union has stepped up and was willing to do this with us.”

The new ATM machine was operable as of Jan. 5 but it still was charging students $2 for each withdrawal. The glitch was discovered Jan. 6.

“O Bee Credit Union was informed and they discovered that their vendor, who places ATMs for them, loaded a wrong configuration number into the machine,” said Dave Kohler, certified public accountant and dean of financial services.

Kohler said the vendor will refund any fees back to the original cards.

Jan. 9, McKinney herself made a withdrawal at the new ATM to see if the glitch had been fixed. She was delighted to see that her withdrawal did not come with an added fee.

“My family likes to go the Farmer’s Market and we like to use the machine that doesn’t charge,” said Catherine A. Chapman, adjunct librarian at SPSCC, “so I think it’s a good service to not charge.”