No fee ATM

South Puget Sound Community College will replace the current ATM in the Student Union Building with a no-fee ATM this year, after receiving suggestions from the student senate.

According to Nancy McKinney, vice president for administrative services, the administration is planning for installment this fall, but there is no specific date currently planned. McKinney hopes for installment by the beginning of fall quarter.

The ATM will have no charge for withdrawing money. If a student’s personal bank charges for non-domestic withdrawals, they will be charged by their bank, but with no additional charge from the ATM itself.

The student senate brought this to the attention of the administration last year after receiving requests from students frustrated with paying the $2.50 withdrawing fee. Administration is set to make the change, but is still waiting for a contract to be made and signed.

The name of the bank in which the ATM will come from cannot be provided until a contract is signed, said McKinney. When a contract is signed, further information about the changes will be provided.