Meet the Face of Student Life

Aaron Managhan at work in student life

Most days you will find Aaron Managhan seated behind the counter in Student Life upstairs in building 27(SUB). The Student Life department is where students go to get ID cards printed, find out details about clubs and events or learn more about the engagement and advancement teams of the college. If Student Life does it, Managhan is likely to be involved somehow.
Managhan explains his job title as an Office Assistant 3 for the office of Student Life. The clerical work that Managhan does for Student Life includes management of the Promo room, helping clubs create advertisements for the media boards across campus, assisting students with the development of clubs, maintaining the web pages and social media for Student Life events; being the point of contact for daily Q&A about Student Life and even directing students on which building to go to for a specific need.
Managhan joined the team at Student Life last June, but worked for the college previously in the public relations department. Before life at SPSCC, Managhan was a sports editor for several different newspapers. Managhan can often be seen with his camera at many of the events on campus. Managhan worked the scoreboard and game clock for this past basketball season and the scoreboard for the volleyball season in fall.
What you may not know about Managhan is that he also coaches a roller derby team called “Overbeaters Anonymous”. This team is a women’s group that calls themselves “fatletes”. Managhan explains the idea behind the labels is to promote a place in sports for “all body types”. According to Managhan, his team frequently gets underestimated by the competition, an attitude that Overbeaters Anonymous used to help win a 10-team tournament in Leavenworth and a 20-team tournament in Spokane.
Managhan is full of knowledge and great stories about roller derby. The Pacific Northwest is a “hotbed” for derby in the United States. There are lots of regional teams for both men and women, experienced derby participants or beginners, the highly competitive or the less competitive but still interested individuals. Managhan has acted as a coach and an official in the derby league, describing how he, “definitely got sucked in” by the sport.
Recognition comes in two ways for Managhan at SPSCC: First, students are likely to see him everywhere, with a smile and that “easy to talk to” air about him. Second, students are likely to be referred to Student Life and meet Aaron Managhan, the man behind the counter, to gain access to many student resources. Managhan encourages students to “Come up to Student Life. Check out events, learn about the clubs and take part in the diverse slate of activities.” Managhan will be there, always ready to connect with students and willing to answer your q